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Prezi desktop 5.2.7

Make great presentations, even without PowerPoint

Prezi is a versatile app that lets you make professional-looking presentations. It's like a free, pared-down version of PowerPoint.
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  • Prezis look good
  • Very easy to edit and customize
  • Minimal skills needed to create a prezi


  • Certain tasks are a bit slow
  • Export and sharing options are not very varied
  • Automatic trial of Pro muddies the water


Prezi is a versatile app that lets you make professional-looking presentations. It's like a free, pared-down version of PowerPoint.

Minimal effort, maximum impact

Prezi lets you make presentations that are as casual or as professional as you want them to be. It allows you to add information to a prezi (the software calls each presentation "a prezi"), organize it in a logical way, embellish it with audio and video and then share it with the people you need to reach.

You can choose one of Prezi's many templates to get started, or just use a blank page. If it's your first presentation, pick a template - it makes it much easier to arrange the information you have in a logical way. Once you have the basics down, you can add images, video, and voiceover, if you need them.

Once you've got a first draft of your presentation, just click on the elements to edit them. When you click, you'll see all the options available to you, but you can do pretty much anything, from changing how it looks or where it is, to deleting it completely.

Down the left hand-side of the app, you'll see the path of your presentation. This is the order the app will move through each part of your presentation, which makes it pretty important. If you don't pay attention, your Prezi won't make any sense.

A simple approach to a complex task

When you download Prezi, it automatically begins a trial of the Pro version. While this is an easy taster of the full product, it's hard to know what will be missing when the trial finishes. In basic terms, without upgrading, you'll have enough space to save a few prezis in the Prezi cloud, you'll be able to edit and share prezis, and all your prezis will be public. There's more information on the Prezi website.

Prezi makes creating a presentation very easy. The whole app flows easily - even without looking at the intro or help, you can dive into a new presentation fairly competently. It is worth looking at the help and online resources to get the most out of it but, even taking Prezi in isolation, it's very usable.

A fresh approach to presentations

Before Prezi there was PowerPoint, and to a large extent, that was it. PowerPoint is a great piece of software, don't get us wrong, but there was definitely room for a change. Prezi feels fresh and easy, but still produces nice-looking presentations. It's also capable of dealing with feature-rich and complex material, and making it look good. We thoroughly recommend it.


  • Most recently, Prezi has been improved with a Favorite button added to the Transformation Tool for easier access. A new My Content sidebar now allows you to quickly access content from your previous Prezi creations. And there are also some syncing fixes for content and templates.

Prezi desktop


Prezi desktop 5.2.7

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